Karl Radel



I love hairdressing and have been hairdressing 28 years. I love seeing my clients look good and feel fantastic when they leave the salon. My strengths are cutting and colouring. I can design a haircut for any person/personality. My aim is to make you look good 24/7.

I like to lead by example, showing my staff just what you can achieve if you are passionate and work. I came to Dunedin to study dentistry at the University of Otago, but somehow ended up in hairdressing. I worked for one of Dunedin’s busiest salon’s where I met my wife Danelle.  We opened Klone together 19 years ago. We wanted our salon to provide the best possible service, but also train all our own staff to build a team of highly skilled passionate stylists.

I love the competitive environment of awards and competitions and have amassed over 125 local and national awards including NZ Senior Cutting Champion and NZARH 2006 NZ Supreme Hairdresser of the Year titles. I’ve also enjoyed training staff to win their own national titles (for more info see Awards). I am an A grade NZARH competition judge, which I have been now for 15 years and have judged all over NZ and have judged the NZARH National Competitions 3 times. I am an educator for L’Oréal National nationally and have held shows and seminars all over N.Z to inspire other hairdressers.

I have been to Thailand and Melbourne Fashion Week as a LOREAL NZ ambassador.

Outside of work I have a fantastically supportive family, a very beautiful and very talented wife and four awesome kids, Andre, Aysha, Zara and Xavier, who happen to be 2 sets of twins. I love hairdressing and want all my clients to be a walking billboard of my hairdressing skills. I want all my clients to look good 24/7 not just the one day they leave the salon. Hairdressing always evolving, and I love being a part of this AMAZING Industry.


  • New Zealand Supreme Hairdresser of the year

  • New Zealand Senior Cutting Champion

  • Runner up Inaugural NZARH Oceanic Master Hairdresser

  • Multi time Otago Top Senior

  • Multi time regional Top Cutting Champion

  • 4-time finalist NZ Hairdresser of the year

  • Won 125 Hairdressing awards