Heidi Van Zoelan



Heidi is an award-winning stylist and has been a big part of our family for over 15 years.

Heidi excels in all aspects of hairdressing especially cutting and colouring and styles for formal occasions. Heidi has many talents, she cuts like a surgeon, and designs colours like an artist, and has braiding and session skills that can style your hair for any event.

Heidi loves competing in hairdressing competitions and she has amassed many local and national awards during her career so far.

She has won Otago cutting champion on many occasions and has represented Otago 3 times and the National Hair comps placing on 2 occasions in the top 4.

Heidi loves to look after her clients new and existing and loves to get to know them so she can engineer an amazing new look for them.

Heidi has also been on the L’Oréal ID team and has styled at NZ Fashion week and at Hair Expo in Australia. Heidi is now a proud mum and now balances looking after her young daughter as well as being a multi-talented stylist.